Save your seeds for next year’s garden and share some with us in March!

We have a seed exchange in March of each year and its a perfect way to scoop some open-pollinated favourites from other members’ gardens.

For seed-saving purposes, only save those seeds that you know are open-pollinated to ensure you get true-to-type plants year over year.

Seeds of Diversity ( and the American Seed Exchange ( are two of the many wonderful places to get information online. Check out our other post with a how to article from Seeds of Diversity on preparing tomato seeds to save.

Also, creating your own seed envelopes is a great way to save your seeds for next year! There are many free ones to choose from online. Included in this post is a free template (from you can save (just right click the picture and choose ‘save image as’ to your computer). Print them off as is, or edit in any wordprocessor to personalize them with your own pictures or text. Use regular paper and use a glue stick or tape to finish. Do not use any plastic or put them in a plastic bag or container – moisture will spoil your seeds. For more seed packet templates, just google “free seed packet template”. More can also be found here:

Happy harvesting!