The Show Points are in for 2017!

Horticultural Division:
1st Cathy Fretz 89 pts.
2nd Briam Schram 77 pts.
3rd Penny Ruch 58 pts.

Display/ Houseplants Division:
1st Terri Hobbs 12 pts.
2nd Pennie Ruch 11 pts.
3rd Cathy Fretz 7 pts.

Decorative Division:
1st Debbie Eggleton 29 pts.
2nd Terry Hobbs 21 pts.
3rd Penny Ruch 20 pts.

Photography Division:
1st Terri Hobbs 44 pts.
2nd Penny Ruch and Marion Johassen 13 pts.
3rd Brigette Bonner 13 pts.